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"very pleased with the session"

All the parents and kids were very pleased with the session. We reinforced some of the points that you had made in the pool on Monday and certainly my lane had taken a lot in.

Linda Clemens


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Moving forward in 2016 !! Open water swimming and Triathlon event at Thorpe, Sandhurst and London's Royal Docks. New events, more coaching courses, greater access to the water! Looking forward to living the dream with everyone!
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About Rick Kiddle & RKC

Rick Kiddle was one of the first ever triathletes in Britain! He started in 1983. Back then nobody knew anything about the sport of triathlon, that had reached our shores from America, where it first started in 1976 in Fiesta Island, San Diego followed closely by Hawaii.

Both these destination proved to be very important in Rick's triathlon career and he credits his eight winters in San Diego, training with the best triathletes in the World as pivotal to his development as an athlete and later on as a very special education to help with his coaching. In 1990 he finally made it to Hawaii and finished 103rd out of 1400+ triathletes in what they called the 'legend year!' due to the abnormally hot weather. Rick has said that as it was his first time there he just thought it was a beautiful day and got on with the 120 degree heat by rotating five water bottles on the bike and hobbling through the run with excruciatingly painful feet that were wrinkly from 5 hours of water running into his bike shoes!! 

Rick went on to win the British Championships and represent Britain many times in a five year international career. He credits this achievement as his proudest and would not swap those memories for anything. Moving many years forward Rick is an established BTF level 3 Coach as well as a tutor and assessor for the BTF. Other areas he is highly educated in are Heart Zones Training and Studio Cycling Instructor Teaching. You will see his book and range of educational and motivational DVD's in this website.

Rick continues to develop RKC and works with some highly regarded coaches. Not content sitting on his laurels he continues to learn by growing a wealth of knowledge so he can help the hundreds of new and existing athletes who recruit his services. There is never enough time in the day for Rick who still loves to exercise and wants to be able to train with his clients for many years to come. The ego has long gone and his greatest wish now is to pass on as much experience as possible, seeing his clients achieve their goals! 

RKC has many arms and these extend to everyone of all ages and abilities.

Rick Kiddle, BTF Level 3


RKC is the online space of ex British triathlon Champion Rick Kiddle who competed as an elite athlete worldwide. He has used this combination of 20 years competition experience along with 15 years coaching knowledge to bring you innovative training programmes and products that will help novice and elite athletes to train and race for the results they seek.